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About Us

The plan is simple


1. Get amazing products


Setting your alarm for 2:30am to get up and head to the wholesale markets is a labour of love, it takes willpower and a lot of coffee not to roll over and hit that snooze button but when we arrive to our stores with the freshest, some times strange and always beautiful products we know it was all worth it.


2. Best Price


We like to think that our prices are some of the best in town, we have a great range for any budget. 


3. Customer Service Matters


Great products and prices are one thing but customer service is key. This is a fast paced business and everyone is always in a rush but even if its a quick smile as you grab a bunch of flowers as you rush the steps at Flinders Street to catch your train or need some advice on where to pick up some great fruit and veg at the Prahran markets we always want to go the extra mile for you.


4. Have fun


If you want to see people who love to have fun come on down and say hello. Cant find our store? I will give you a hint following the loud,infectious and frequent laugh of owner operator Emma or listen out for the salsa music, when you see some people dancing while wrapping up another fantastic bunch of flowers you have found us. 



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